Automated mood disorder symptoms monitoring from multivariate time-series sensory data: getting the full picture beyond a single number

Published in Nature Translational Psychiatry

Authors: Filippo Corponi, Bryan M. Li, Gerard Anmella, Ariadna Mas, Isabella Pacchiarotti, Marc Valentí, Iria Grande, Antoni Benabarre, Marina Garriga, Eduard Vieta, Stephen M. Lawrie, Heather C. Whalley, Diego Hidalgo-Mazzei, Antonio Vergari

Abstract: Mood disorders (MDs) are among the leading causes of disease burden worldwide. Limited specialized care availability remains a major bottleneck thus hindering pre-emptive interventions. MDs manifest with changes in mood, sleep, and motor activity, observable in ecological physiological recordings thanks to recent advances in wearable technology. Therefore, near-continuous and passive collection of physiological data from wearables in daily life, analyzable with machine learning (ML), could mitigate this problem, bringing MDs monitoring outside the clinician’soffice. Previous works predict a single label, either the disease state or a psychometric scale total score. However, clinical practice suggests that the same label may underlie different symptom profiles, requiring specific treatments. Here we bridge this gap by proposing a new task: inferring all items in HDRS and YMRS, the two most widely used standardized scales for assessing MDs symptoms, using physiological data from wearables. To that end, we develop a deep learning pipeline to score the symptoms of a large cohort of MD patients and show that agreement between predictions and assessments by an expert clinician is clinically significant (quadratic Cohen’s κ and macro-average F1 score both of 0.609). While doing so, we investigate several solutions to the ML challenges associated with this task, including multi-task learning, class imbalance, ordinal target variables, and subject-invariant representations. Lastly, we illustrate the importance of testing on out-of distribution samples.

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